July 9, 2019

Oxygen Time Machine for Your Eyes: VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

Late twenties are confusing. As career goals become more attainable and lifestyle mellows out into a more rewarding experience, the aging effects I’ve noticed on my skin have not been the most pleasant. I turned to a brand I’ve long trusted and loved, VII Code, to help turn back the effects of…well, time.

An All-in-One Eye Mask

VII Code has developed this Oxygen Eye Mask to target all of those aging effects. They have combined top-of-the-line peptides, antioxidants, proteins, fatty acids and so much more to create this awesome product. Now, it was time to try it out and hope to see real results!

After browsing through VII Code’s easy to navigate website, I was curious to learn more about a new product called the Oxygen Eye Mask. Fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness have all made more frequent appearances during my mornings especially after a fun night out with the girls. I wanted to find a cure.

My Experience

I decided to try this eye mask after a long night out with friends. I kept the eye mask on for 8 hours throughout sleep and was completely astounded when I woke up.

Expectations: slight puffiness, dark circles that were a little lighter than normal, and overall tired eyes.
Reality: When I removed the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask the morning after, I had virtually no dark circles or puffiness. The skin area around my eyes were SO hydrated to the point where I think my eyes looked more energized than other mornings I woke up without the mask. I was so happy with the results, and decided to keep this product in my weekly skincare routine to do once a week!

YES to VII Code’s New Oxygen Eye Mask

For just $55 for 6 treatments (+free shipping!), this mask falls under $10 per treatment which is honestly SO worth it given the results. VII Code has done all of the research and developed this incredible product using their centuries worth of knowledge when it comes to skincare and beauty treatments.

Click the link below the shop the Oxygen Eye Mask, and be sure to browse around the VII Code website for more amazing skincare goodies totally worth trying!

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