February 15, 2019

Latigo Beach: A Malibu Dream Come True

Recently, I told a friend of mine that if it wasn’t for the deep rooted curiosity that Los Angeles inspires in me, I would be gone every month to explore a new place elsewhere. Luckily, I get to call this beautiful enigma of a city “home”, and wanted to share one of my favorite places on Earth with you. Malibu.

When we think of white clay walls, beautiful stairs, green vines and blue waters, our minds often wander to destinations like Santorini or Monaco. For years, I looked beyond for this kind of visual inspiration until I realized that the most beautiful places have actually been woven into the intricate fabric of my coastal city after all.

Latigo Beach is considered Malibu proper – a little ways up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. If you avoid traffic hours (I like heading there around 11:30am from the Valley), the drive is beautifully lined with crisp canyons and the air is just a little sweeter. A friend introduced me to this beautiful slice of oceanside not too long ago, and I have been dreaming of it constantly (and can’t stop going back honestly).

This beach is as close to a private beach as it gets, with 24/7 public access. It is rarely ever crowded, mostly filled with local visitors and some days you get the entire stretch of beach to yourself. The path down features bright white walls and lovely stairs, making it one of the most picturesque spots I’ve been able to find. Just beyond, you can see the aqua ocean and beyond – so tranquil and aesthetic.

Spend an afternoon here. Relax, unwind, and meditate to the sound of the roaring sea. And once you start feeling a little hungry, make your way back to the city and stop by Nobu on the way for the loveliest oceanside dining experience.

*TIP: Use Waze to navigate here – as Google Maps had a hard time finding “Latigo Beach” although they should be synced.

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