June 5, 2019

Summer Memories Made Easier with Discover Boating

This post is sponsored by Discover Boating but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As summer quickly approaches, there are endless fun ways to spend time in the sun but my favorite by far is exploring Mother Nature on a boat. There’s no better memories created, than with family on a boat as the scenery just glides by. Although boating is pretty much universally enjoyed, not everyone owns boats that are easily self accessible at any time.

Thankfully, DiscoverBoating.com has us covered when it comes to making boating accessible and easy for anyone to try. I love their website for the ease of accessibility, how you can easily punch in a zip code to find boat renters near you (and their direct websites!), and read up on all you need to know about owning a boat.

I’ve often though of partnering with a friend and going half on purchasing a boat, and spent hours reading all the ins and outs of making that big purchase on Discover Boating’s website. They really laid out all the information in a digestible way and even covered topics I hadn’t even considered prior (like what are all the financing options?).

Being able to travel easily between LA and Hawaii has made boating in paradise an attainable dream for me. We had the greatest time venturing out into open water, laughing and chatting over sodas, and just overall enjoying the view. Spending time together in this way refreshes relationships, creates lifelong family traditions, and memories we won’t soon forget.

These are memories on the water that I would hope anyone could have the chance to recreate with their loved ones and Discover Boating has definitely made that a reality for us all! I highly suggest giving this awesome site a visit, as it is a crucial resource for creating on the spot vacations throughout the summer months!

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