February 15, 2019

A Warm Winter Getaway: Exploring Magical Palm Springs

This post is sponsored by Palm Springs but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Earlier this month, I had the chance to collaborate with the Palm Springs tourism board and took a trip out to the iconic dessert in the middle of December. My past trips to Palm Springs, CA have been during the Spring for Coachella, and the summer for a sun-soaked getaway. Admittedly, I had never considered Palm Springs as a travel destination during the winter months but upon arrival, I immediately got the “I wish I did this sooner” feeling in my gut.

I grabbed my photographer friend and we embarked on the beautiful drive from LA to Palm Springs. We arrived mid-afternoon and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was out, and the 80 degree temperature was even warmer than LA’s. Without the over crowding of the summer tourists, I was able to walk around downtown with leisure and visit each little shop. One thing that I discovered was how diverse the culinary scene in Downtown Palm Springs is. There were so many unique, and ethnic restaurants to choose from for lunch. 

What We Ate

We decided to try a corner restaurant called Fusion Five – a Vietnamese/Laos fusion eatery right on Palm Canyon Drive. The ambiance here was bright, nice, yet casual. They had an awesome lunch special menu, as well as a full menu with everything from rice dishes, to noodles, to spring rolls and other appetizers. We went with the Vietnamese Vermicelli Noodles with Grilled Pork, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and Pad Thai. I especially loved how fresh all of the dishes were, and they were traditionally seasoned with a tiny fusion hint.  

As you can see, the Pad Thai was made with a different kind of rounder noodle – which was the Laotian influence on the dish. The flavor was also a little less limey, but sweeter than the traditional Thai version. We really enjoyed the food here, and lunch here got us full and ready for a day of exploring around.

For dinner, we chose LG’s Prime Steakhouse since a local recommended this place as a staple landmark and delicious steakhouse. We arrived around 8:45pm and had the entire restaurant to ourselves, albeit one other table. We ordered the 30oz. Bone-in Ribeye which came out perfectly medium rare. We also ordered a side of Mac N’ Cheese, and asparagus which were both delicious as well. 

What We Did

During our walk around Palm Springs, we also discovered a beautiful hotel called Holiday House. We were immediately in awe of the design of this hotel – which so seamlessly fused 70’s classic decor with modern comforts. We chose to stay at the Holiday House overnight and due to it being slower than summer months, they were so kind to give us a complimentary upgrade! The suite was absolutely beautiful, and couldn’t have been more perfect. 

The pool was heated and perfect for swimming in, and their jacuzzi was so relaxing that it was nearly impossible to get out of. The hotel also lends out the cutest bikes free of charge, and the staff was so beyond kind.

We also visited a lovely local gift shop called Memento. If you ever find yourself in Palm Springs, wanting to explore some local artisan gifts – this is the place to go. I LOVE candles, and it was so fun exploring their many shelves of extra fragrant soy candles. The owner was also super sweet and was ready to help answer any questions. 

Overall, our winter trip to Palm Springs felt like a summer dream getaway. The local businesses are as charming as it gets, and coming here in December really gave us a chance to get to know Palm Springs in an entirely different light. 

City living can at times feel overwhelming, and it’s so comforting to know that the perfect dessert is just a 2 hour drive away from LA. I would recommend anyone to visit Palm Springs during these winter months and fully take advantage of the quiet luxury. 

On our way back, the main route had built up some traffic so Waze sent us on this beautiful route through the San Bernardino Mountains to save time. Because of this, we got to drive beneath a beautiful sherbet sky and witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It really was the cherry on top of our perfect little getaway.

Thank you so much to the Palm Springs tourism board & Linqia for arranging this unforgettable trip.

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